Bournemouth Beach Front On Fire

 Reports are coming through of a fire at Bournemouth Beach.




A member of the public who has asked not to be named said - It's only been going for about ten minutes but it's already turned to white smoke, so I guess it's almost out. When it started the smoke was a lot darker and you could occasionally see flames shooting up.

Picture by - Pete Strange


The fire began shortly after 3.30pm local time and police have advised that people stay away from the area.


Large Rain Storm

A large rain storm is currently hitting the south of the UK. You can see by ground radar the majority is over the channel. The rain is heading north and so most of this rain cloud you can see is heading towards us. 















You can see below a satellite images of the amount of cloud heading towards us. All this cloud has lots of rain stored inside it. 

Total of rain this morning to 9.30am. 



A funnel cloud has been spotted over Dorset, Charlton Marshall. Video below.



Earthquake Hits UK Coastline

An earthquake has hit the UK coastline of Scarborough this evening. The earthquake has been measured of a magnitude of 3.9 which the British Geological Survey has reported.


A map shows the location of how close the earthquake was to Scarborough which was measured at a magnitude of 3.9.


Some earthquakes can cause extreme damage with risk to life. Luckily this earthquake didn't cause so much damage although is still slightly worrying.